Back That Month Up | Medellín

Empanadas and new perspectives

This month I was reminded of my seemingly always positive city reviews a couple of times by some fellow Kaizens.

You may have noticed that in just about all of my BTMU posts, I generally have mostly good things to say about every city on our itinerary.

This one’s no different.

If it feels like

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Day 49… 50… 51… where is this week’s episode? – just data with a soul

(audio is pretty much same as the show notes, but I recorded it for anyone who just gets podcast updates and doesn’t check this site )

Hola from Cordoba!

So as you may have noticed, there has not been a new jdwas episode this week. Last week my sister was in town, so much of my time was spent with her and not working on this week’s podcast. I have an episode (mostly) written, but family and work (rightly) took priority this week. Thank you for your patience as I fig...

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After an early rise on my birthday to see the sunrise on a new year in Thailand, we headed to Laos to kick of a long weekend in Luang Prabang.

We floated the impressive Mekong river twice, once at sunset and once throughout the day to make our way to the village of Ban Xieng and Pak Ou Caves.  In the village we sampled lao-Lao whiskey – some of which has been in a container soaking with a snake in it (yes Lyndsey – a snake in the booze!).  Pak Ou Caves...

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Living local in Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world, with over 24 million people! Being a small city, water girl, I wondered if I’d like it. Keeping an open mind, I decided to try as many local things as possible and discover why so many people call this city home.


As a local, the first thing you must try is tacos! Mexicans love their tacos and each region has their own unique style, ingredients and recipes. To get the full flavour

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I Know My Hair Sucks

Wise words from The World's Dumbest Traveler

Let me say this loud and clear…

I know my hair sucks.

You think I don’t know? I can’t get on a FaceTime or a Google Hangout or get tagged in a picture without someone audibly gasping or gently telling me that they think my hair is a pile of steaming hot garbage. The public opinion is quite clear.

How’d we get here?

Since I was about 3-years-old I’ve had the exact same haircut. 1 or 2 on the...

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– Hanoi

{image 64}...

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How To Create An At-Home Banana Leaf Dining Experience

There’s something fun, maybe even a little liberating, about a hands-free meal, especially when it’s with friends who look just as ridiculous as you do when diving in one fingerful at a time.  It really gives the phrase “dig in” a new meaning. (Look ma’, no hands!)  The first month of my year abroad kicked off in...

The post How To Create An...

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Belvedere, California

Back in December my sister forwarded an airline promotion email between Denver and San Francisco so I bought a flight to visit her and her family for a week in February. The intent was to inject some state-side adventure and family time as a way of self-training appreciation for what America has to offer me. It worked well in Kansas City for Christmas, Breckenridge in January; could such an ongoing strategy ...

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play time at the park #sundayfunday . . . . . #nyc #park…

play time at the park #sundayfunday
#nyc #park #centralpark #city #sunday #guy #winter #gay #instamood (at Central Park)

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Food is a Journey

Dining at Siete Fuegos last night was a beautiful experience for many reasons. Almost least of which was the food…

A 90 minute drive from our home meant we had to be serious about it from the start. Our driver Fernando was the perfect person to share stories of the wineries, industry, people and landscape of Mendoza. He’s grown up here and has spent 20 years touring visitors around the area.

The drive itself revealed the balance of the region. The dry and arid scr...

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