Cusco, Lima, Boston, LA… everything

It’s hard to overstate the importance of this month, but I will try anyway: April 2017 was the greatest month of my life to date. If that sound’s a little silly after last month’s glowing post, just hear me out.

  • Hiked Machu Pichu
  • Ate at two of the top 10 restaurants in the world
  • Ran the Boston Marathon
  • Partied at Coachella
  • Started consulting for one of my favourite game companies of all time.

Where month 3 was the turning point, month 4 was the celebration.


It started with a sprint. We landed in Lima with only 1 hour to make the connection on to Cusco, (on another airline!), so it was me and a panicked girl who didn’t want to miss the start of her Ayahuasca trip, racing across the airport, trying to flag down officials of the airline over dense crowds of ...