18 Things I learned about Hanoi in 2 weeks

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  1. Embrace the chaos. You'll go crazier trying to avoid it.
  2. There are no rules of the road. As a pedestrian, the only way to cross the street is just start walking and trust the drivers will go around you. 
  3. You can't visit Hanoi without trying egg coffee.
  4. Or bún chả.
  5. Or bánh mi.
  6. $2,000,000 VND is $86 USD. Congrats, you're an instant billionaire.
  7. The D isn't for 'dollar'. It stands for 'dong.' Yes, you can laugh. We do.
  8. Honking in Hanoi means more, "Hey, here I am, watch out for me" than "get the hell out of my way, peasant." 
  9. The humidity is constantly at least 85%. There is no such thing as not being sweaty at any given moment.
  10. Despite the unbearable humidity, many locals wear long pants, shirts, and hats to avoid sun exposure because dark/tanned skin is a status symbol of the lower class day laborers. Light skin is so desirable, bleaching agents are commonly found in beauty products.
  11. In August, it rains pretty much every day. Thankfully, it's usually only for 10 - 20 minutes at one go.
  12. When it...