6 tips for how to crush it while working remotely abroad

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Written by guest blogger Emily Holbrook

For the past year, I’ve worked remotely in 14 countries throughout Europe, Africa, and South America. During this time, I’ve not only amassed amazing photos, profound cultural experiences, and unusual sicknesses, but also the knowledge of what works and doesn’t work when … well, working.

The following is a summation of what I’ve found helpful in my travel/work lifestyle.

The Gadgets

Get a laptop stand and save your neck

The laptop stand has played a key role in my ability to work from anywhere without turning into a hunchback. It’s lightweight, collapsible, comes in an array of fun colors and is easy to stuff in a daypack. Though maybe not ideal for the casual coffeehouse work session, it’s has been crucial to my home and workspace setup.

Try these ones:

You’ll need a keyboard and mouse, too

When you commit to a laptop stand, you also have to commit to the requisite external keyboard and Bluetooth mouse. Both are lightweight and slim, making it easy...