Cape Town first impressions and Week 2 happenings


I've been in Cape Town now for 13 days. I wasn't really sure what to expect from South Africa, but I've been completely blown away by how livable, friendly, and exciting this town is. 

Firstly, my accommodations this month are pretty sweet. My entire group is one building so it's like adult Spring Break, which is awesome. We're actually in a student dorm for an international hospitality school. There are common rooms with ping pong and foosball tables, and we all bounce around from room to room hanging out at night. 

Remote Year has two dedicated floors they recently refurbished. Most rooms are doubles, but a few of us have single studios or triples. I'm in a triple with only 1 other person so we have a free room. We've been using it for drying laundry (the dryers suck). 


Overall, I'm very pleased with the accommodations. My room has a nice view of the main road and...