Diary: A Tale of Two Policies and too much adulting for one day


So here's a fun story of how I ended up with 2 travel insurance policies because I'm not really an adult and don't understand insurance.

Getting travel insurance was one of the first things I did way back in December. I went through one of the recommended plans from Remote Year, picked some insane coverage options, and paid a reasonable $400-some-odd dollars. Cool beans, done.

So yesterday I got an email from my travel insurance: 

Ready for your trip? Here are the details of your policy:
Coverage dates: March 30th, 2018 - April 1, 2018.

Let me repeat: April 1, 2018. As in this Sunday. 4 days from now.


So I go online, try to change it, cursing myself for being so stupid and not picking the right dates. I'm making dad noises and muttering under my breath, *grumble* How much is this going to cost me to fix... *grumble*

The system won't let me make the change so I hop on the phone, get bounced around to a few departments, and finally talk to someone.

She's like, "oh, this plan only allows...