Diary: I quit my job to travel then everyone kept telling me how brave I am and I don’t get why


Yup. I quit my cushy, steady-paycheck job to rely on my own hustle and talent(?) to make money while I go travel the world.

People have told me my whole life how brave I am.

They told me I was brave when I left college in my home state to be the first foreign exchange student in Australia on the other side of the world. They told me I was brave when I was offered a job over the phone and packed up my whole life to move across the country in 3 days. They told me I was brave when I was laid off from said job 8 months later and decided to stay instead of moving back to Massachusetts with my parents. 

Here's the thing though...

I'm not brave at all. At least, I don't see it that way.

Maybe it's stupidity. Naivety. Ignorance. I dunno. I've never understood how someone can stay in one place or do the same thing their whole life. I know humans are creatures of habit and adverse to change or whatever, but man is that a bullshit excuse if I've ever heard one.

I don't think it was bravery that...