Diary: My last few weeks in Lisbon and leaving our mark


I did spend a lot of time working on my new business and heads down in the workspace, but I did get out my last few weeks in Lisbon. Here's what I got up to:

Mixology Class


A bunch of us joined an unofficial mixology master class at a local bar called 4 Caravelas. A Remote Year favorite, the owners Marcus and Tania are absolute gems and taught us how to make some of their award-winning cocktails on one of the best party streets in Lisbon. 


We did speed competitions, one-armed, and blindfolded partner face-offs. It was an absolute blast!

We spent an awful lot of time here the rest of the month because of that sweet, sweet RY half price discount.

Definitely has a special place my heart, and I left our mark ;)

Olive Oil tasting

It wasn't my favorite event, but it was super interesting to learn about one of the main major exports of Portugal -- their...