Dirty dancing and flying balls in Valencia


Valencia totally kicks ass! Here's what I've been up to the past two weeks:

Marina Beach Club

So, I have no pictures of this to supplement my story, and soon you'll understand why.

There's this incredible open-air space called the Marina Beach Club. It has a gigantic sound stage, lots of open cabanas for lounging, super bougie bars, and a really Miami, party-scene vibe.

I wanted to go so badly.

I rounded up a bunch of mis amigos for our first Saturday night in Valencia to get weird. We arrived rolling 15 of us deep. The place is packed, music is blaring, people are dancing, and life is good.

We get a few drinks, boogie a bit, laugh and joke, marvel at some impromptu fireworks, and let loose. We were having a ball.

It had been sprinkling on and off all night, but nobody had seemed to mind. Then it started to rain a bit harder. A portion of the crowd sought shelter, but most of the audience stayed and swayed in the midnight mist.

About an hour later though, the sky opened up and it really...