Flying with 45 people is hard and getting my sparkle on in Lisbon


I'm sorry I haven't updated in forever. Totally my bad.

The last week in Cape Town was a blur trying to squeeze in all the things and going away parties and then packing to move on to Lisbon. And that's a hell of a story...

Transition day

Atlas had our first transition day and it was the shitshow we expected but not for reasons we expected. Totally wasn't our fault. I mean it.

Firstly, we had two flights from Cape Town through London on to Lisbon. Remember our group is 45 people strong. Flying all at once. On top of that, our connection in London was only 1 hour and we had to pass through security again. With 45 people.

You can see where I'm going with this, right?

Massive panic as dozens of us were held up at security for stupid reasons. About 15 of us made it through after the gate was already closed. The flight staff is pissed. Maryia, our Program Leader, is running around like a madwoman trying to explain the situation that 30+ people are still coming through security and to please...