How to look for (and find) kickass freelance gigs


The big question of the hour when you first start a freelance business: how am I going to find work?!

Since I started freelancing a lot of people have asked me how I actually find gigs. Ain't that the question of the hour.

The short answer is the same way you look for a full time job. There's no hidden secret garden or magical portal new freelancers need to know about. There is no right or wrong place to look for gigs. The more important part, usually overlooked, is making sure you stay consistent and apply for new jobs every day.

An application a day keeps the bills at bay

The difference between a successful freelancer and a struggling one is a full pipeline. Your pipeline is the number of open opportunities you have at any stage of the sales process: introduction, qualification, proposal, negotiation, won or lost.

Keeping a pipeline full means gig hunting every. damn. day. If you already have an anchor client, apply to at least 2 new gigs a day. If not, shoot for 4-5 new applications...