Krushing it in Kuala Lumpur

kuala lumpur remote year atlas

Oh, hello there, strangers! I know it’s been 1,000 years since I’ve posted and I’m sorry for that. October in Kyoto totally sucked because I hated it there and never left my house so I don’t have much to share. We’ll just pretend it didn’t happen.


I’ve been here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for all of November and it’s totally kicked ass! While I definitely spent most of my time inside our amazing apartment building with a pool and cafe and bar so I rarely left, here’s everything interesting I got up to:

Batik crafting

kuala lumpur malaysia remote year atlas

One of my tracks was to learn how to make traditional batik prints! The practice originated in Africa, but has been part of Malaysian culture for hundreds of years. We took a workshop at Batik Boutique, a social enterprise that employs single mothers from the local area. Batik Boutique teaches them the technique, how to sew, and gives them fair wages, childcare services, financial education,...