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Kaila's note: This post is specifically about how to use this Airtable template I've created. If you've never used Airtable before, first of all reevaluate your life, then check out their tutorials to help you get started. Then come back here. Don't worry, I'll wait.

So Airtable is basically my life. But actually. I use it for everything. Today, I wanted to share my self-made CRM slash Sales Funnel management system because it’s worked quite well for me thus far.

Click below to get a copy of my template and follow along!

airtable template freelance pipeline sales crm management


I’ve set it up into 5 tabs – Opportunities, Interactions, Accounts, Contacts, and Feedback. 

This is a pretty holistic view of every part of a deal I might be working and the relevant info. I can follow an application all the way through with the communications I’ve sent, meetings, who I talked to and when,...