My last few weeks in Lisbon and leaving our mark


I spent a lot of time working on my new business and heads down in the workspace, but I did get out my last few weeks in Lisbon. Here's what I got up to:

Mixology Class


A bunch of us joined an unofficial mixology master class at a local bar called 4 Caravelas. A Remote Year favorite, the owners Marcus and Tania are absolute gems and taught us how to make some of their award-winning cocktails on one of the best party streets in Lisbon. 


We did speed competitions, one-armed, and blindfolded partner face-offs. It was an absolute blast!

We spent an awful lot of time here the rest of the month because of that sweet, sweet RY half price discount.

4 Caravelas definitely has a special place my heart, and Atlas made sure to leave our mark.

Olive Oil tasting

It wasn't my favorite event, but it was super interesting to learn about one of the main major...