Penguins, sharks, and beer pong, oh my


Boy, oh boy.

Week 3 was even more of a blur than the last two weeks combined. It's when most of our events planned for us and self-planned event collided. I was on the go 24/7 and I'm pretty sure I wasn't sober for more than 24 collective hours. (Sorry, mom.)


We took a gorgeous scenic drive through Chapman's Peak and stopped to take in the incredible views.

Chapman's Peak Drive

Chapman's Peak Drive

Then we headed down to Boulders Beach, famous for the home of Africa's only native species of penguin. Yes, you read that correctly.

The Jackass Penguin (you also read that correctly) got its name for its distinctive braying sound. They migrated to Cape Town about 40 years ago and took refuge in the giant rock formations unique to this beach to protect them from the wind in this particularly blustery area. They are considered an endangered species, but this guy didn't seem too...