Revisiting my Remote Year packing list 3 months later

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Just before I left for Remote Year I posted everything I packed in a single suitcase and a backpack for an entire year of travel.

Well, it's 3 months later so I thought it might be helpful to go over it again and evaluate what I actually needed to bring and what I didn't. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see my must-have items to pack for anyone going on Remote Year.


  • 2 pairs of jeans

  • 4 pairs of leggings

  • 1 pair of workout shorts

  • 3 long-sleeve shirts/button-ups

  • 2 light jackets

  • 1 leather jacket

  • 2 casual dresses

  • 7 t-shirts

  • 3 pairs of shoes; high tops, gym sneakers, and sandals

  • 1 hat

  • A jillion undies and 5 pairs of socks

Generally, all of these items have served me quite well. It has been warmer than I anticipated so I wish I had brought more shorts and lighter clothes. If I got to do it again, I'd bring more shirts because I'm the sweatiest human alive so I dirty them faster and I'm sick of wearing the same ones over and over again. 

As someone on a summer itinerary, I definitely went...