Seeing hella nature and getting hella sick in Bulgaria

sofia bulgaria camping vitosha mountain

Camping on Vitosha Mountain

So I just l left Sofia, Bulgaria and my last couple weeks were much more interesting than the first two. I finished out my tracks and even got to go on an extra little weekend trip.

Shortly after my last update I went camping with a small group of my fellow Atlasitos outside the city on Vitosha Mountain. To get there we took the Metro (which was an adventure in and of itself; shoutout Barbara) and had to pass through an industrial park.

It ended right were the trail to the camping spot started and it was a really odd, stark contrast between untouched nature and human influence. Our guide Asen told us the little spot we were camping on was the last piece of land that was unowned.

We got there in the early evening and let me tell you, kids, this was no glamping experience. There was toilet paper hanging on a tree branch in a little clearing. We spent an hour gathering firewood and lowkey competing with each other over who could find and carry the largest...