Splish-splashin’ and scoot-scootin’ in Chiang Mai

chiang mai thailand mae ngat dam remote year atlas

Ohhhh boy! So much has happened my first two weeks in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Buckle up, cuz here it comes.

Atlas meets elephants

My first Sunday here we took a trip outside the city to visit the incredible Elephant Freedom Project.

chiang mai thailand elephants remote year atlas

They’re a sanctuary that rescues and raises elephants and gives them pretty much 100% autonomy to just live their lives.

The elephants get to roam around, play in the nearby river, eat all the foliage they want, and of course have access to any medical care they may need.

We started off preparing their breakfast of bananas, sugar cane, and a special rice ball treat. We went to meet the 3 adult females and 2 baby males and feed them by hand.

They were so gentle and magnificent and the babies were all derpy and adorable. It was amazing.

But, wait! There’s more!

We took a little walk down to the river and they joined us to splash around and bathe in the water. The babies were the most excited...