Top tips for making the most of airport lounges

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Whether you paid for access via a first class ticket, credit card perk, or snuck in behind some friends, there's nothing better than relaxing in style in an airport lounge while waiting for your flight.

It totally beats spending the 3 hours you have to kill trying to get some shut-eye crunched up like a busted piece of human origami in a tiny seat with armrests on both sides. Or worse... sitting at an empty bar paying $15 for a mediocre gin and tonic.

I've flown 27,181 miles in the last 6 months and have seen my fair share of airport lounges. Sure, the bottomless food and booze is wonderful, the spacious couches for snoozing are divine, and the plethora of power outlets is enough to make any digital nomad's heart sing. But, are you only taking your lounge access at face value?

There are so many more ways to get the most out of your airport lounge access. All it takes is a little creativity, preparation, and maybe a willingness to bend the rules (just a little bit).

Take the food bar...