Cape Town Cairns: Restaurants to Get Your Nom On


Cairns: The word “Cairns” is a hiking reference to stacks of stones on trails that help guide your way. When I see them on a hike, I instantly think, Phew. I’m not lost. Traveling the world can be overwhelming. You’re in a foreign place, far from home. My hope is that cairns can be used to guide your way, so that when you visit one of these places, you feel at home, and know that you’re in good company. You’re on the right path.

It won’t be a comprehensive list, but it’ll be my favorites at least 🙂

More and more, I’ve realized favorite restaurants have less to do with the food, and more to do with the ambience, the service, and the people you’re with. An amazing restaurant can just have an off night. As hard as it is to pick favorite restaurants it a city with amazing food, I’ll go by the incredible experiences I had, and the people with whom I shared those experiences.

The Potluck Club

Hands down my favorite meal in Cape Town, and also I got to eat there with one of my best...