Lisbon Cairns: Brunch, Lunch, and a Snack



Hello Kristoff

This place is a super cute cafe to grab a coffee or matcha and get some work done, but not the best for trying to get lunch with a big crew of friends.

Fauna & Flora

Big place for brunch with friends, but gets crowded so come early. It’s pretty westernized, which may bother you, but there’s plenty of trendy Lisboans here to still make me feel like I’m cool at least (I’m not.). I also did an interview here, if you’re looking for somewhere semi-professional to grab a coffee with someone.

Heim Cafe

Heim is tiny so gotta get here early, too. The staff is snobby (New York-style), but the food is so good and you get so much for your money, it’s all worth it. For instance, a single dish will come with eggs, avocado toast, a salad, yogurt with granola, and fruit (see blow). Not bad. Nom. Best enjoyed with friends with whom you like to laugh.

A Loja do Sr. Rocha

This place might not ever be somewhere you go by, but it was close to my apartment and had cute little...