Stone’s Miles: I Am Building Myself.


Lisbon Update:

I ate grilled salmon. I shared stories with new friends. I took yoga in Portuguese. I explored Alfama and did a walking tour. I ate pasteis de nata (again and again again). I cooked dinner with friends. I took Portuguese class. I ate an entire dinner of codfish. I took a cocktail class. I took surfing lessons. I learned how to slice cheese from a French guy. I took a bus to Lagos. I surfed Tonel Beach, Sagres. I brunched in Lagos. I finished reading The Handmaid’s Tale. I read a zine. I did acroyoga at Praia de Porto de Mos. I slept on a roof with friends. I took a cooking class and made clams with risotto. I ate ceviche (again and again and again). I did yoga on a roof. I painted two tiles. I tried olive oils from all over Portugal. I took a ferry to the other side of the river. I explored Cova do Vapor. I tied a sailor’s knot with a Portuguese captain. I rode bikes along the beach., I ate lunch with a three-generation family on Rua Quinze in Costa de Caparica. I...