Stone’s Miles: Touching Base, But Excited for What’s Ahead


Touching base since I know it’s been awhile.

I’ve been settling into Lisbon and had to get an article out for work that I love (link). [Insert a million other excuses here.]

I’ve been doing and learning and processing so much over the past month that it has been hard to get it all down. To even know where to begin.

I can tell you the basics I suppose. Catching up on Cape Town:

I toured four wine farms in Stellenbosch. I went to a bar where I personally knew the DJ(s) twice. I ate dinner in the oldest township Langa. I toured the Bo-Kaap neighborhood. I bought Malay spices. I learned how to cook samosas and roti. I hiked Devil’s Peak. I took a bicycle tour through the Khayelitscha township. I ate sheep’s tongue. I became a regular at a yoga studio. I ate a 10 course meal. I foraged for periwinkles. I ate fried periwinkle cakes. I hung out on Boulders Beach with African penguins. I ate fish and chips by the sea. I went to the District 6 museum. I wrote a report on hotel loyalty...