The Best (and Worst) Hike to the Top of Table Mountain


I may have found the best and worst route to the top of Table Mountain. It’s long, it’s beautiful, it’ll make your friends want to hate you for dragging them all over mountains. Was it worth it? Yes?

Length: 4 hours, if you’re straight hustling (which we were)

Distance: 5.8 miles

Height: 3,200 feet

Difficulty: Easy to Advanced (FYI, Easy in Cape Town means your thighs and butt will be on fire, and you’ll think you may actually die).

All measurements subject to complete error as they were based off a watch and our physical and emotional status (deliriousness)

We started on the Pipe Track, which is a baby trail that follows along the Twelve Apostles, rather than going to the top of them. My friends and I gaped at people’s dogs as they told me, “Great trail find! This is awesome!” You overlook Cape Town the whole time, and for a moment, it’s pretty grand.

(Pipe Track in the literal sense, the pipe was built to transport water forever ago.)

(But hey, the views are nice).

After about...