The Way I Pack…

    0 a metaphor for how I feel about leaving a city.
Buenos Aires, Argentina: Hot Mess.
I was a total wreck mentally, emotionally, and physically. I had waited as long as I possibly could (the morning of travel day) and played the weight game all the way up until my luggage was packed away in the van, shifting small things around from my suitcase to carry on until the last minute.
My perfectly packed suitcase of rolled clothes precisely placed in packing cubes from just four weeks prior was now a mess of unused packing cubes, wadded up clothes, and toiletries I was hoping weren't going to leak. I just shoved everything in and hoped for the best.
Read: I wasn't ready to leave Buenos Aires and showed it in my pathetic attempt to get my life together just hours before leaving.
Cordoba, Argentina: Emotional Mess.
Leading up to the dreaded packing day, I was eating my weight in Bon o Bons (a delicious hazelnut filled, chocolate covered wafer). Healthy, right? I couldn't emotionally cope...