Medellin: From Most Dangerous to Most Transformed

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Medellin...You absolute stole my heart!

I know I said I could live in Lima. But, I might have to take that back...and it hasn't even been a month since I left. Because Medellin...oh my god. How do I even start on Medellin and how much I loved the month I spent here? I want to stay. I wish I could stay. I don't want to go on to Bogota after how much I loved my month here. I just want my second month in Colombia to be spent right here in this beautiful, resilient, socially inclusive, unbelievable city. I love it here! Please Remote Year Gods...don't make me leave!

Now, as I finish this post a couple weeks later, missing Medellin is real. And in my recap of the month I had the experiences that captivated me, I hope that I can demonstrate why!

But before I do, I want to talk about something else. Something that perhaps every single person who has...