The EmPack: A Must-Have for The world-traveling Fitness Fiend


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In December of this year, just after I started working with my High Performance coach, I set some big goals. Big because, in the midst of all the travel, challenge, change and new experiences of this year, I committed to making this the year where I get into the best shape of my life! Lofty goal? Maybe. Especially since I've spent the 3.5 years prior to this experience aiming for just that and...haven't gotten there. But I'm kind of over half-assing things. Especially when it comes to my physical fitness and my physical capabilities. 

In making that commitment, bringing a travel gym with me would be crucial. At the time, my game plan was simple--Beachbody On Demand workouts ($99/year baby!!) and portable travel equipment like resistance and strength bands and my sliders. What I did not expect would be stumbling across perhaps the best travel fitness solution that has ever come into existence. 

A couple weeks...