Travel Guilt + Connection.


Wow has this been a heavy month. After coming off of arguably my favorite city and one of my favorite months, I've been feeling, well, all the feels. And so many of the feels have been weighing me down. Why? Because I feel disconnected from the people back home.

I think that's one of the tricks about traveling. And it's come up a lot just among my group of friends. We're experiencing so much, and it's incredible! It's that concentrated human experience I talked about before. And, if I may speak for many of my fellow remotes, we want to share that with the people back home. But sometimes, we feel like we can't and there are a lot of reasons for that.

Travel guilt is a big one. 

It came up in our Mental Health cafe during month 2, and though it resonated with me, I didn't realize at the time how much it would grow over the months to affect my travel experience. 

At the time, it resonated with me because I felt guilty about leaving my family behind, especially as I had just gotten back...