+61 Restaurant in Marrakech


After four weeks in Morocco, I might prefer death over eating another tajine. On the menus at the mainstream Marrakech restaurants, there is not a lot of diversity. Tajines with chicken, beef or vegetables. Couscous with chicken, beef or vegetables. Pastillas with chicken, beef or vegetables. All sporting the same spices and flavors. Yes the food is fresh, yes it is flavorful, but sometimes you crave a new flavor and new ingredients. Or just familiar flavors.

One of the best things about spending a month in one place is that you can find your favorite spots and visit them often. It makes you feel a bit more grounded throughout the constant upheaval.

+61 is a breath of fresh air. With fresh ingredients and comforting dishes, I find myself here almost every day. Like actually. They probably want me to leave Marrakech for good. They also happen to have the best coffee I have yet to find in the city.  


The décor is...