Easy, Breezy, Belgrade


Hello, World! I have been up and down and all around this month. From Serbia to Montenegro to Croatia to Denmark to The Netherlands and back. I am so happy to be kicking it back in Belgrade for the next week. I am getting some work done, drinking coffee and watching the fall weather roll in.

Fall is happening fast. I have seen the leaves on the tree outside my bedroom window slowly change from green to now a pale orange throughout my few mornings at home this month. For most of my fellow travelers, the past nine months have passed without much of a thought to time. We have been chasing summer all year, so the natural rhythm of the seasons has been lost on us. On one level, I miss the crisp fall of North Carolina. I love walking around the chilly streets searching out coffee and pumpkin pastries. On the other, fall is the shadow of someone sent to remind me that all good things must come to an end. They haven't quite arrived yet, but I know they are coming to deliver the message....