Podcasts for long haul travel days!


Once a month, on a given Saturday morning, Remotes around the world load into vans with their shrinking set of possessions to transition. Transition day is the day that we move to a new city. It consists of pick-up, bag check, a quick lounge espresso, 1-2 flights, drop off at the new apartment, a nap and then dinner. Sounds like a lot, right? As someone who grew up consistently traveling between the Middle East and the USA alone from a young age, group travel is my personal nightmare.

Over the months, I have come to regard transition day more fondly. On one hand, there is a comradery in walking into the lounge and seeing all your closest friends. On the other hand, there is an eeriness to boarding a plane and realizing you recognize everyone on the flight. Serious Lost flashbacks.

 Nearing the end of one of our early (and longest) transition days, a fellow remote noticed I was about to lose it and told me to sit down and listen to a podcast. Podcasts are seriously what get me...