Sticking Up for Salt Lake City


Ahh Salt Lake City. The HQ of Mormonism and land of endless salt flats. My Dad often has to work in this area and Salt Lake City (SLC) is a drivable distance from the small town where my Mom grew up. Because of this, the Kent family has spent a lot of time in Utah over the last few years. Even so, when my family decided to meet up in Park City over the summer, I was weary of visiting a city that didn't feel like home (and where caffeine didn't always flow freely) to use up so many of my precious USA days.  But after spending 10 days in the area this summer, I have to say that Salt Lake City has so much going for it! Albeit expensive, there is an emerging restaurant and startup scene all nestled in an easy to access city just a 30-minute drive from the mountains. And don't worry, coffee shops abound these days.

One of the most surprising aspects of the city is how accessible it is. My journey started on a KLM flight, straight from Amsterdam to Salt Lake City. I was shocked that this...