Thoughts on a Year of Travel


I can't sit still when there's space up in the road. That is a lyric from a song by Wild Rivers. I deeply resonate with this song and listen to it often.

 The obvious problem with this is that there is always space. You can only see so far in advance, and you work towards the distant horizon, but then more space appears. There is more to seek and more to experience. You can't possibly see where the whole highway is headed. You cannot know where to get off because you are too distracted by what might be ahead. You can only keep driving, thinking one exit ahead at a time. You can get off for a bit, but in my experience, I always get back on.

 This is Remote Year. This is my life. It always has been.

When we moved to Doha it was supposed to be for 2 years. We stayed. Much longer. But we moved there with the mentality that it was not permanent. Texas was our real home and one day we would go back. Even 6 years in, we would talk about going "home" for the summers. Looking back I now...