Tips for a Travel Capsule Wardrobe


Determining what to pack for long term travel is really challenging. You have to be prepared for every activity and every weather scenario.

I first heard about a capsule wardrobe when I was studying up on what to pack for Remote Year. At the time I thought it was a crazy excuse to not go shopping, which is not something I wanted to be a part of. Now, 8 months into Remote Year, I cannot imagine having, or wearing, more clothes than I pack.

The trick is finding a few versatile pieces that you love and wish you could wear every day. Here are my tips for creating a capsule wardrobe and a list of everything that I have packed in mine for my year of functional, and stylish, travel around the world. 

Dresses are key

Dresses. The one and done staple of a travel wardrobe. I have four go to dresses with me. All solid colors, all over-worn. I can add a jean jacket to any of them on chilly days and they are still the breeziest when its hot out. Need I say more. This is a Madewell dress that I wear...