Why I Didn’t Love Prague


Maybe it is because the city is hotter than hell, maybe because there is no A/C, maybe because we came from Lisbon, maybe it is because miss my family or maybe it is because I do not like working from 2pm-11pm…but Prague is just not my favorite destination. I know. I sound like an over-travelled brat. I was punching myself the whole time thinking….people LOVE Prague. It is a well trodden tourist destination and recommended far and wide. People love the culture and the castles and the river-views. So why do I not? I finally came to a few conclusions. A lot of the reason that I did not like Prague was in my head and due to personal circumstances. Also, while it will definitely not be on my list of favorite places I visit this year, there were a few redeeming factors which I list at the end.

I loved Portugal in every way. I loved Lisbon, I loved Lagos, I loved Porto, I loved the coast. I wanted to stay in Lisbon forever. So leaving colorful, friendly and breezy Lisbon for hot, rude and...