Adventures in Colombian Medical Tourism

Adventures in Colombian Medical Tourism

Having spent two months and two thousand dollars on pills, drills, razors, and lasers, I left Colombia feeling like a new man. Health insurance be damned.

It all began on a sunny day in April as I was strolling down the streets of Medellín, chewing gum, and admiring the city's lush foliage. That's when I felt a piece of gravel embedded in my gum, except to my horror, it was actually a chunk of my molar that had cracked off from an untreated cavity.

Shit shit shit. Shitty shit shit.

Panic set in as I retreated back to my apartment to google nearby medical offices and quickly stumbled upon Colombia's extensive medical tourism industry. According to the Medical Tourism Index (MTI), Colombia ranks in at #2 in the world. Furthermore, the first techniques developed for corrective eye surgery prior to Lasik were pioneer in the 1950's by doctors in Bogotá. My confidence in the country quickly rose, leading me to capitalize on the opportunity.


A local's recommendation led me to the...