Attention Please!

Attention Please!

I was recently hired by - an analytics startup for publishers and content producers. And as a newcomer to the company and industry, I began noticing a strong emphasis placed on the word "attention". Some examples:

  • The headline of our latest product, Currents, is "What's Holding the Attention of Millions of People?".
  • The headline on our website reads "Audience attention is precious. We help you make it valuable."
  • Did I mention we also have a podcast called "The Center of Attention"?

And from my previous startup, I was familiar with Basic Attention Token (BAT) project and the work being done on the new Brave Browser that aims to integrate the currency and crate a new business model that combines paying attention with getting paid by attention.

Why is it such a buzzword all of a sudden?

On modern publishing platforms such as Medium or Wordpress, "reading time" metrics are generated automatically for a post. The platform I use (Ghost) adds it right below the headline - 2...