Beautiful Bogotá


Our fifth month of Remote Year was spent in Bogota, Colombia. Upon arrival here, you could tell that this city was entirely different than Medellin. We had quickly gone from the rainforest-like climate to a cooler, mountainous atmosphere in just an hour flight. Bogota sits at 8,600 feet and you could definitely feel the altitude as well.

While many people in our group didn’t really love the month in Bogota because of the cooler weather (typically in the 60s most days), I actually really enjoyed this month. Being a lover of large metro cities, this place was definitely for me. I also took Spanish classes for three hours a day for two weeks at the Whee Institute further downtown which really helped me adapt to a daily routine here. I also had an amazing spin studio about three blocks from my apartment that was almost harder than the ones at home!


We went on two amazing track events outside the city that really influenced my month and pushed me out of my comfort zone (in a good...