Take me to the beach!


During our last week in Bogota, a large group of us took a trip to the northern part of the country to visit the Colombian beaches. I went with a few friends to the small island of San Andres for a few days and then met the rest of the group in Cartagena. The island of San Andres is actually geographically closer to Nicaragua, but is a part of Colombia. It’s known for its beautiful beaches and warm, turquoise blue waters. While the island was a little more rural than we anticipated, we still had an amazing time renting a four-wheeler, golf cart type vehicle and driving a bit around the island. Given its location in the Caribbean Sea, the weather was also quite tropical and we ran and swam around in warm rain for a few hours while we were there.

We then flew from San Andres to Cartagena to spend a few days exploring the ancient city and also getting out to a few islands off the coast of Cartagena. Ten of us spent one day in a small speed boat zipping around some of the islands...