We did it in a van!


One of the most frequently visited cities outside Medellin is the town of Guatapé, about 2 hours east of the city. I had the pleasure of going there twice during my month in Medellin, once for the day with Mecca while she was visiting and again two weeks later for the weekend. One of the biggest attractions close by is the Peñon de Guatapé, a 1,000 foot rock mass that stands by itself seemingly from the middle of nowhere. It is surrounded by water that is used for the city’s hydroelectric dam. There are 650 stairs that can be climbed to the top of the rock to see the amazing views of the surrounding area.

After hiking the rock, we ventured to the town of Guatapé where we cruised through the local shops. Guatapé is very colorful and known for it’s “zócalos” which are the brightly painted lower panels on the front of houses and shops. These panels are meant to represent either a family’s crest, their profession or symbolism of the city/country.

My return to Guatapé was two...