Bogotá: I Survived The Cold

Bogotá as seen from the top of Montserrate

Bogotá does not get the best reviews from Remote Year participants, and is not generally seen as much of a tourist destination in Colombia relative to Medellín and Cartagena, which have grown in popularity in recent years. The not-awesome rap exists for a variety of reasons: it's not a super safe city (it's allegedly the city where the most RY phones get stolen), the weather is similar to Seattle/Portland/other cold gray places (no offense @Seattle @Portland peeps), it has less tourist-friendly attractions than other international touristy destinations, etc etc.

However *spoiler alert* I liked Bogotá a lot! My experience was a bit different from my fellow remotes, many of whom weren't the biggest BOG fans, so let me tell you about it and why I'm glad I got to call Bogotá home throughout May.

Night 1 in BOG: Chiva Party Bus to Andres Carnes de Res (crazy dinner spot) to a club - so fun!

Family Time: Nanc, John and John's girlfriend Kerissa came...