Bye Bye Queen Jeanne

In memory of Jeanne Dawson Thornton
April 13, 1935 - April 28, 2018

The Queen's final beach visit

Hi Queen Jeanne,

Last week I attended your funeral in Manchester, NH and I've gotta say, I did not see that coming! Here I was naïvely looking forward to spending quality time with you on your porch in Pine Point this summer, admiring our favorite beach in the world. I'd catch you up on my travels and refill your chocolate milk if needed. But apparently the universe had other plans.

So here I am now, reflecting on the time I got to spend with you, the impact you've had on my family and me, and the lessons I've learned from the way you lived your life.


At your funeral and subsequent reception, various members of our family shared some of their favorite stories about you. Most of their anecdotes related to something you had done or said that made them feel extra special or loved unconditionally. You could see all the heads nod in the crowd throughout the telling of these stories because...