Cape Town Is The Most Lekker

South Africa is so lekker bru! I lived in Cape Town for my last month of Remote Year, and it was the perfect place to close out the unreal experience of living and traveling throughout five different continents in 2018.

These are some of my lekker mates embracing lekker van culture

What does "lekker" mean? Ah, good question. It's Afrikaans slang and I'd say the closest equivalent in the USA would be "awesome" or more recently "lit" (is lit dead in 2019? if so, please clue me in to it's replacement?). Anything can be lekker - people, places, events - and pretty much everything in Cape Town is lekker.

As seen from the top of Table Mountain

If you read my Marrakech post, you are aware that I was flat out exhausted coming into December. My travel adversity tolerance level was very low and my patience in general was nearly non-existent.

Thankfully, Cape Town has SO many lekker features that could lift any person's spirits, even RY Month 12 Me, who just wanted to eat Wheat Thins in my...