Marrakech Broke Me

It was bound to happen eventually. After 10+ months of international travel, despite the many *insert all of the positive adjectives* experiences I've had, the challenges that come along with the one-suitcase country-hopping lifestyle caught up with me.

I started to feel the mental fraying at the end of October, in Croatia. Activities and sights that I normally would have gotten excited about (murder mystery party! ferrying to a tiny gorgeous island with my gfs! a storm flooding the whole Split coastline!) elicited little to no reaction from me. The most simple tasks seemed monumental and left me exhausted.

I attributed my apathy and fatigue to my lack of connection with Croatia where the cold, windy offseason was starting - I must be ready for a change of scenery / locale, right? So I channeled what energy I had into looking forward to the upcoming month in Morocco. I tried to pump myself up knowing going to Morocco meant I would get to try some fun new foods (what is tagine, I...