September on Splavs

Serbia is hands down the most random country on my travel itinerary this year. My boss told me he would rather go to prison than go to Serbia (LOL). I heard similar sentiments from most people about the country.

The conversations would go something like this:
Friend 1: "So where are you living next month?"
Me: "Belgrade... it's in Serbia."
Friend 1: *confused look* "Is Serbia the same as Siberia?"
Friend 2: *equally confused look* "Who goes to Serbia? Isn't it really cold there?"

To which I could only laugh in response because I knew just as much about Serbia as I did about Siberia (AKA absolutely nothing). But I was going there regardless so it was safe to say soon I would find out more.

Let's set the record straight!

Belgrade turned out to not only be better than prison (or how I imagine prison would be), but to be one of my favorite cities that I've lived in this year. That is to say- I found it very easy to live in Belgrade, and I enjoyed the day-to-day Serbia life. It is not...