The Prague Blague… see what I did there?

I wanted to skip writing a post about Prague. My feelings about the city are complex, and potentially controversial (I didn't love it... eeeek), and part of me wanted to just put it behind me as I start living the Serbia life.

But writing these posts about each month really has helped me process my experiences, and hopefully has given you (yes, you, all 4 of my blog readers out there!) some insight into the weird world of living in a different city/country every month. So let's talk about Prague.

gets me every time

Prague was one of the cities I was most excited to live in this year. Without knowing much about it, I had heard fantastic reviews from people who had lived there or visited, and I was vaguely aware that the city was steeped in history. My perception was of a magical historical fairyland. And in a lot of ways, that's exactly what Prague turned out to be.

boats, castles, bridges... maaaaagic

BUT a few outside factors came into play in August that took away from Prague's...