Things I Miss About The USA


I've been traveling around Latin America and Europe for the past eight months, and absolutely loving it most of the time. So far I've been exposed to SO many new experiences, ideas, people, languages, foods and more. While that has all been invigorating and exciting, sometimes I find myself missing certain things that only the good ole US of A can provide:

  1. Wheat Thins: Yes this is number one.
  2. Clothes dryers: Yay for having a dryer in Lima and Bogotá! Boo for everywhere else. What I wouldn't give for a soft fluffy towel.
  3. Westworld: And all the shows. So behind on so many shows. Thank you to GoT for waiting until 2019 to release the next season.
  4. Trader Joe's: Please get some veggie hummus wraps in my life stat.
  5. USD$: My brain hurts from learning a new currency every month. Can we get a global currency por favor?
  6. Amazon Prime: Wait, this should be number one. Amazon Prime is life.
  7. Target: Why can't I buy all the things I need and don't need in one place? Falls in the same category as...