¡Viva México!

The land of tacos and tequila! Mexico City (aka Cuidad de México aka CDMX) wore a lot of hats for us this past month: it was our halfway point, our last month in Latin America, our supposedly "most livable city" on our itinerary (I'm going to disagree on this one), our closest stop to the United States (leading to many of the Americans making quick trips home), our taco haven, and much more.

I feel like this sign should be in Español but let's just go with it

I have mixed feelings on Mexico City, but they are mostly due to the stomach plague that struck me early in the month, and then lasted for a solid two and a half weeks. I still cannot say whether it was caused by something I ate, something I drank, or just a bug going around. I can say that it affected the majority of our group throughout the month and led to us being unable to engage in a lot of the activities (and eating!) that we were most excited about in Mexico. This is also the main reason I cannot personally refer to...