3 Flights, 14 time Zones, 48 Hours


By now, you might have read Why I wanted to travel to Asia and maybe you also learned How I pulled it off.  To achieve any goal you need to state what it is and why you want to do it. Next, you have to setup yourself for success. Finally, you’ve got to actually do it and the next few blogs will go into detail about what I did and learned while traveling to Asia. But first things first, you have to actually get all the way out there!

When I went to book my first flight to Asia, price was really my only consideration. Since I was booking my flight just three days before I was going to leave, prices to many places were outrageous. To find the cheapest flight available, I used google flights to set my one-way departure as Atlanta, my date and then I searched far and wide. To my surprise, it was a flight to Bali, a place I was certainly interested in traveling to. It also helped that one of my best buddies from my RY trip, Nick, was living there for the month so I knew I’d have a friend...