A vision turned reality


Right before Thanksgiving, I moved out of my apartment in Charleston, packed my car and drove back to Atlanta to see the family for the holiday. At that time, there was a good chance I would be moving so while it was smart to end my apartment lease and pack up, nothing was completely set in stone. Because of this, I didn’t really tell too many of my co-workers about this possibility since there was still a good chance I’d be back in the office that next week. That was November 27th, today is January 25th and I haven’t been back to Charleston since. It has been a wild two months and many positive things have happened over the last sixty days, including me officially moving to Phoenix, AZ. So it begs the question, what I am doing out here and how did it come to be.

The story starts out about a year ago while I was living in Mexico at the time. I had just started a new role at my company, Advantage Media Group, and was going to be moving back to Charleston and working back in the...